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OUR AIM “To Provide Water Solution To Most Needy People In The Africa Region”

HYDRO WATER WELL LIMITED was incorporated on 14th October, 2008 in Lilongwe, MALAWI. The company offers drilling and equipping of boreholes along with water distribution system and provides solution to water problem in Africa region.

HYDRO WATER WELL LIMITED operates four (4) hydraulic rotary rig, which is normally utilize pneumatic down the hole (D.T.H.) drilling equipment, commonly known as “drilling hammer”. This tool is operating by high pressure compressed air, injected through hollow drilling pipes by the mean of air compressor.
Today, HYDRO WATER serves a big clientele who knows that “Quality Is Journey and Not a Dimension”. We have successfully managed to achieve the latter by serving our clients professionally and skillfully to their expectation and no single client regrets having associated us in borehole projects
carried out in the past.
We offer high quality products and services, and backed by experienced technical and management staff, we continue to play our parts in building growing water sector. we store some of world 's leading brands pumps, generators, engines, solar equipments and water supply and treatment.

• Provide water solution to most needy people in African Region.
• Be a Service Provider of Choice in the markets in which we operate.
• Understand our customers' requirements and work with them to exceed their expectations.
• Invest in our people - the foundation of our success.
• Always act in a socially and environmentally responsible way.
• Continue to develop and improve a strong, innovative and economically sustainable business.

• Providing and utilizing modernized state of the art equipment.
• Qualified and custom trained human resource.
• Huge market share.
• Long term relationships and established extended two way commitments.
• Earned customers and stakeholders trust.
Water is life.

Our goal is to provide safe and clean water to all. Lack of clean water in whole of Africa remains a major challenge-stunting industrial, social, economic and agricultural development.
We hope to alleviate decade's water problems that have been for many years. It is unacceptable that many lives are still today lost to water borne diseases, malnutrition and hunger in Africa.
Availability of clean water can alleviate the suffering, while boosting food production and enhancing food supply and good health.
We work with the local governments, NGO's, churches, missionary and other organizations, self help groups and private individuals and indeed many interested parties who are seriously addressing this problem.

The Hydro Water Well Limited places particular emphasis on health and safety expertise. Our prime objective is to execute all works to the highest standards of safety at all times.
The Health & Safety policy is continuously reviewed and updated appropriately for each Division. Improvements are achieved by setting and reviewing objectives, setting targets, employing Key Performance Indicators and benchmarking, as well as sharing best practice with our customers and other service providers.
Our committed policy is to put safety first in everything we do. We recognize that people are our greatest asset and that they not only require the right skills to do their work but also the right behavior and culture to do it safely at all times whilst considering others. The Officer for Health and Safety is responsible for Safety, for communicating this policy throughout the Company and for ensuring that the organization and resources are available to ensure the policy is implemented and reviewed at least once a year.

We are committed to ethical business standards and consistently seek to uphold these principles in all our commercial activities. We are proactive and share our knowledge, experience and innovations with our customers and stakeholders as we seek to add value to everything we do. We understand the importance of relationships and will strive in all aspects of our business activities to be considerate to all third parties and customers. This attitude is implemented throughout our
organization. We are committed to the community we work in and encourage participation and support of community programmes other wisely known as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Health, Safety and the Environment take the highest priority in planning and executing all aspects of the work to protect all personnel and third parties. Our workforce is the foundation of our business and we ensure everyone has the right resources to perform their work effectively. We are committed to training
our workforce to maintain and develop their skills and to introducing new entrants to the industry. Finally, we are a flexible organization, keen to collaborate and to stimulate discussion and question practices in an effort to provide solutions that meet Customers` Objectives and those of their shareholders and their customers.

Why Hydro ?
The success of our business is based on:
(a) The quality of our work
(b) How quickly we respond to our customer needs
(c) High Logistical Backup Services
(d) Affordable Price etc

Customer Services
In Hydro we know customer service in action. The only way we can deliver this service successfully is by doing it, as well as knowing our customers. Being successful in business relates to how well we understand the wants and needs of our customers. Satisfying customer's needs ....... this takes research and knowledge.
Today is just isn't good enough to do job. You have to do the unexpected.
Who do you turn to? You are no doubt saying 'To the company that goes out of their way to deliver, the company that promises less then you are willing to do
and does more than the promise". By looking into the client projects cost, we can offer services to standards higher than provided by other existing drilling  companies. This can be achieved by using the latest model of hydraulic water well drilling rigs technology offering significant quality advantages.

Water, is the most important substance for sustaining life; Ground - Water is one of the major sources of water supply.
We would like to take this opportunity to briefly explain a little about water well drilling, the
methods used and the role in this field.
Well drilling is both an art and a way of life for the personnel engaged in this occupation. To reach the hidden underground reservoirs can sometimes prove to be an extremely challenging exercise. Over the past years. Hydro Water has become one of the leading water well drilling contractors. We anticipate staying amongst the leaders by utilizing the following methods:-

Rig Set- Up
The rotary rig will be moved into a position of the selected site by the consulting hydro geologist. The unit will be levelled into position using hydraulic jacks. This is on prepositioned heavy-duty timber slippers. This is done in order to avoid any deviation in the borehole during drilling operations and also to achieve affective verticality of the borehole.

Borehole Drilling
(A) Consolidated Formation
We shall deploy the use of hydraulic rotary rig with hammer & bits. This combines the percussive action of cable tool drilling with the rotating action of rotary drilling. Its fast penetration rate in medium hard to very hard formations results from two important factors. Since bits are bottom hole tool, the piston blows are transmitted
directly to the bit without losing energy through the drill rod. The air is fully used for rapid impacting action and for lifting cuttings from the hole.

This tool is operated by high-pressure compressed air, injected through hollow drilling pipes by means Air Compressor Compressed air ensures that the moment water is located; compressed air immediately lifts it to the surface.
We propose to drill sufficient diameter hole from ground level to final depth using Down-The-Hole (DTH) hammer with air and foam to have a finished diameter of 160 mm ID.
From time to time, we shall allow the consulting hydro geologist if any to inspect our daily  logs, geotechnical logs, water bearing strata, water rest level, estimation of yields, borehole plumpness etc.

(B) Unconsolidated Formation
Borehole drilling (unconsolidated formation) we propose to drill 8" hole up to overburden zone then install 8" inner diameter steel welded permanent casing then telescope the borehole from 8" of unconsolidated formation down to 6" diameter to final recommended depth and then install 4" (110 mm) ID permanent

  • Drill Start Drilling Installation of Steel Casing
  • Hydro Geological Survey
  • D.T.H. Air Drilling
  • Mud Drillnig
  • Borehole Design & Construction

On completion of drilling works to the satisfaction of the client, we shall proceed with the borehole construction as instructed and in accordance with the design.
The construction will involve installation of plain and screen casings, gravel pack to the approval of the client.

Borehole Physical Development Works
On satisfactory completion of the borehole construction works, we shall use an air compressor to carry out physical development works using air-lifting method with occasional addition of biodegradable polymer or as will have been specified in order to achieve the desired goals of producing clean sediment-free and improving aquifer permeability

Test Pumping & Discharge Measurement
Upon satisfactory construction of developments works, we shall use an electric submersible pump with fully functioning non-return valve in the pump itself We shall then proceed with expeditious test pumping opera tions as shall be instructed by the consulting hydro geologist. This will have been specified and designed to test aquifer parameters such as hydrau lie conductivities, transmissibility and storability from which design yield will be determined.
The test pump will consist of constant drawdown for 4 hours and recovery for 2 hours. Also step draw dawn test for 24 hrs followed by recovery.
We shall provide un-interruptible power generating set to efficiently run the pump set. Discharge measurement during constant drawdown test shall be done using a volumetric method of 20 litres, 50 litres or 200 litres depending on the yield of the borehole and the drum set horizontally on the ground. Time measurement shall be recorded by means of a stopwatch. During testing, we shall monitor water level using electric sounding or lighting dipper. The dipper will go in through a 1" piezometre tube installed alongside the test pumping rising main secured by insulation tape or cable clip.

  • Installation of End Cap Gravel Pack Drill End
  • Installation of uPVC Casing
  • Borehole Development
  • Test Pumping
  • Water Sampling

We shall collect clean water sample to carry out chemical and bacteriological tests to know the quality of water found in the borehole.

Borehole Completion & Capping
We shall construct suitable concrete plug around casing as per the specification after successful completion of test pumping works and as per the specification we construct drainage and washing slab.

We shall compile a report after completion of the assignment, which will include:-

  • Drilling operations (Le penetration and geological logs), results and borehole design construction with drawings.
  • Development and test pumping operations, results and analysis with graphs.
  • Water quality analysis.
  • Recommendations on groundwater abstraction and utilization.
  • Borehole Completion Report.
  • Water Distribution System (WDS)
  • WDS Working Model
  • Final Borehole