Incorporated on 20th May, 2009 and registered as a Drilling Contractor with the Ministry of Water & Irrigation on 5th February, 2010, Export-Hydro Pumps & Services (Africa) Limited is part of the Export-Hydro Group of companies. We are founded on a lean and agile organization with a family ethos. The company’s core business is drilling and equipping of boreholes and providing solution to water problems especially in Kenya whereas our other concerns are established in South Sudan and Malawi.
Export -Hydro Group Operates in Juba, Southern Sudan and Lilongwe, Malawi and Export-Hydro Pumps & Services (Africa) Ltd., Nairobi, Kenya. We are leading Borehole Drilling Contractors in South Sudan, Malawi and now we (Export-Hydro Pump) are entering with force in Kenyan water industry.
Export-Hydro Group operates nine (9) hydraulic Rotary & Mud Rigs, Three in each country mentioned above.

Today, Export-Hydro Group serves a big clientele who knows that "Quality is a Journey and not a Dimension". We have successfully managed to serve our clients professionally and skillfully to their expectations. No single client regrets having associated with us in water, sanitation and energy projects carried out in the past.
We offer high quality products and services backed by experienced technical and management staff. We stock some of the World's leading brands in pumps, generators, engines, solar equipment, water supply and water treatment.

Customer Satisfaction
In Export-Hydro Pumps & Services (Africa) Limited, we know customer satisfaction is action. Being successful in business relates to how well we understand the wants and needs of our customers. Satisfying customers needs … this takes research and knowledge.

Today is just isn't good enough to do the job. You have to do the unexpected. Who do you turn to?You are no doubt saying “To the company that goes out of their way to deliver, the company that promises less than you are willing to do and does more than they promise.”
By looking into the client projects cost, we can offer services to standards higher than that provided by other existing drilling companies. This can be achieved by using the latest model of hydraulic water well drilling technology offering significant quality advantages.

Our Vision is:

  • To Quench the Thirst of Every Child in Africa


Our Mission is to:

  • Provide water solution to most needy people in African Region.
  • Be a Service Provider of Choice in the markets in which we operate.
  • Understand our customers' requirements and work with them to exceed their expectations.
  • Invest in our people - the foundation of our success.
  • Always act in a socially and environmentally responsible way.
  • Continue to develop and improve a strong, innovative and economically sustainable business.

Our Strength is:

  • Providing and utilizing modernized state of the art equipment.
  • Qualified and custom trained human resource
  • Huge market share.
  • Long term relationships and established extended two way commitments.
  • Earned customers and stakeholders trust.
  • Commitment to investing research and development to maintain our position as marketleader in African Region.


Health & Safety Practice
Export-Hydro places particular emphasis on health and safety expertise. Our prime objective is to execute all works to the highest standards of safety at all times
The Health & Safety policy is continuously reviewed and updated appropriately for each Division.
Improvements are achieved by setting and reviewing objectives, setting targets, employing Key Performance Indicators and benchmarking, as well as sharing best practice with our customers and other service providers.
Our committed policy is to put safety first in everything we do. We recognize that people are our greatest asset and that they not only require the right skills to do their work but also the right behavior and culture to do it safely at all times whilst considering others
The Officer for Health and Safety is responsible for Safety, for communicating this policy throughout the Company and for ensuring that the organization and resources are available to ensure the policy is implemented and reviewed at least once a year.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate social responsibility is about sustainable business practices. We aim to exceed customer expectations by continuously reviewing processes, developing technology and training and motivating our workforce. Our prime objective is to operate to the highest standard of safety at all times. We recognize that quality is the key to winning repeat business. We fulfill environmental obligations and make socially responsible behavior a core value. We share our knowledge, operate
with integrity and solve problems through close customer collaborations. We do all this for one good business reason - we want to be market leaders in all sectors in which we operate.

Why Us?
a) The quality of our work
b) How quickly we respond to our customer needs
c) High logistical backup services
d) Affordable and competitive prices
e) Commitment to high ethical business standards
f) We share our knowledge, experience and innovations with our customers and stakeholders as we seek to add value to everything we do
g) Commitment to the community we work in and encourage participation and support of community programmes.
h) Our workforce is the foundation of our business and we ensure everyone has the right resources to perform their work effectively.
i) We are committed to training our workforce to maintain and develop their skills and to introducing new entrants to the industry

j) Finally, we are a flexible organization, keen to collaborate and to stimulate discussion and question practices in an effort to provide solutions that meet Customers`objectives and those of their shareholders and their customers.

Products & Services
We specialize in:
1. Borehole drilling
2. Borehole test pumping
3. Borehole rehabilitation
4. Water treatment (domestic and industrial)
5. Supply and installation of electric submersible pumps
6. Supply and installation of solar and wind pumps
7. Supply and installation of hand pumps
8. Supply and installation of tanks and towers
9. Water Distribution Systems for Rural and Urban Planning