News Update

  • Expansion

    The company’s core business is drilling and equipping of boreholes and providing solution to water problems especially in Kenya

    SouthSudan Operations

    We have launched Drilling services in whole South Sudan. we've used our drilling experience in Africa for almost 25 years now. We thought it's time for a change.

Our Mission

Demo Provide water solution to most needy people in African Region.Be a Service Provider of Choice


Our Vision

Demo To Quench the Thirst of Every Child in Africa


Customer Satisfaction

In Export-Hydro group, we know customer satisfaction is action. Being successful in business relates to how well we understand the wants and needs of our customers.

Our Strength

Demo Providing and utilizing modernized state of the art equipment.Qualified and custom trained human resource.


a) The quality of our work
b) Quick response to our customer needs
c) High logistical backup services
d) Affordable and competitive prices